Homemade curries
from my table to yours

Welcome to The Hilltop Curry House

            Delicious, freshly made, home-cooked curries from South and South East Asia are now available in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire.

The Hilltop Curry House specialises in producing a range of chilled and frozen curries, which are bursting with flavour. How do we do this? We use local suppliers and only the freshest of ingredients, and roast and grind our spices and pastes. So no short cuts, just bags of flavour to get your taste buds jumping. We spend the time cooking the curries, you just need to reheat them, so perfect for eating anywhere – at home, camping or on top of a hill! Hilltop Curries can be bought in individual portions or in bulk, so check your local outlet or get in touch directly to see what’s on the menu and for more information.

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About our chef

Traveller, trek guide and cook, Sarah has spent 30 years exploring the cultures and cuisines of many countries from Africa, Europe, Central & South Asia to South East Asia, always returning to her family in South India, whenever possible. With a love for the hustle and bustle of local markets and the discovery of great fresh ingredients and new flavours, the Hilltop Curries are inspired by these travels. ‘I’ve always loved being in the kitchen, be it a cook tent or family home. It’s always a hive of activity, where you’re looked after, learn lots and are always fed well, but it’s also where friendships are made and where you get the best gossip. Hopefully the Hilltop Curries bring all of these things to your table.’

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Our amazing curries

Curry of the month

Keralan Lamb & Potato with fennel seeds, cardamom & cashew nuts

Tender chunks of local lamb and potatoes cooked in a spicy aromatic sauce – the perfect hug in a bowl!

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